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Wherever you are in your path toward deciding whether breast augmentation surgery is right for you, it's important to consider a few things. Some of the common questions are addressed below but for more detailed information regarding breast augmentation surgery, you can contact Dr. Alexandrina Saulis in Hinsdale, IL.

Additional Surgery

Breast augmentation can provide a dramatic change for your appearance but keep in mind that it is not a once-in-a-lifetime surgery. Breast implants can last more than a decade, but after around this time they typically have to be replaced and you may need some additional surgery at that time.

For some, making adjustments after the initial surgery is common as they get used to the change. So having a trusted surgeon is always very important.

On Becoming Pregnant

Pregnancy brings along with it a number of natural changes to your body, changes that can affect the shape of your breasts. These changes are unlikely to affect the implants themselves but many women with implants opt for procedures that will help them regain a more youthful look, such as a breast lift.

Breastfeeding for most women who have undergone breast augmentation is not a concern, but it depends on the type of surgery. More specifically, the location of the incision.

Incision Location

Although the surgery itself is essentially the same, there are different types of incisions through which the implant can be inserted. It can be done under the crease of the breast, through the armpit, or across the areola.

Incision Scars

Scars diminish greatly over months after the procedure but they will not vanish completely. It is why the incision locations are made in such inconspicuous places, to make them less noticeable.

On Recovery

A degree of bruising and swelling is common as is with any surgical procedure, but these effects should subside within weeks. You'll likely be prescribed pain medication along with antibiotics to decrease the chance of infection.

Breast Augmentation in Hinsdale, IL

Whatever your reasons for considering breast augmentation it's important to make the first step and schedule a consultation with a professional, so dial (630) 920-9404 to make an appointment with Dr. Saulis in Hinsdale, IL.