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Some women are affected by discomfort due to oversized breasts every day. From back pain to ill-fitting clothing, complaints can vary widely. Breast reduction surgery, which removes some tissue and fat from the breasts to make them smaller, can be life changing for Breast Reduction many women. With help from your Naperville, IL plastic surgeon, you can arm yourself with knowledge in order to transition into a more comfortable life after breast reduction surgery.

Am I a good candidate for breast reduction surgery? 
Since breast reduction surgery is considered a major surgery, candidates should be in good general health, free of active diseases and pre-existing conditions. If you have frequent back or neck aches, have disproportionate breasts, regularly experience numbness due to the weight of your breasts, notice indentations from your bra straps or are generally unhappy with the size of your breasts, you may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery.

How does breast reduction surgery work? 
Breast reduction surgery differs from case to case, but the major steps of the procedure remain the same. General anesthesia is used to put you to “sleep” during the surgery. The surgery can take from two to five hours. Your surgeon will make cuts around the nipple and down the breast, removing extra skin, tissue and fat. The nipple is then moved into a new location according to the new size of the breast, and the breasts are stitched up and wrapped for recovery.

What is the recovery like? 
Like any other major surgery, recovery time varies with the patient, but usually takes several weeks. Followup appointments will be scheduled to change your dressings, check progress and remove any drainage tubes your doctor may have used. You should avoid physical activity and lifting heavy objects for at least a month.

When will I see results? 
While the swelling may take some time to subside, you will see results immediately.

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