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Find out more about this cosmetic surgery from Dr. Saulis and how it can give you shapelier arms.

One of the unfortunate ramifications of getting older is dealing with sagging skin. Even though this is a natural part of life, it doesn’t Arm Liftmean that we can’t do something about it. If you want to get rid of that wiggling underarm skin, then find out how plastic surgeon Dr. Alexandrina Saulis, serving Naperville, Elmhurst and Oak Brook, IL, can help.

What can cause the skin on the arms to sag?

There are many factors that are responsible for arm sagging, including weight fluctuations and heredity, but this is also just a natural part of age. Unfortunately, this drooping skin cannot be reshaped through exercise, but you can improve the overall look of your arms by seeing your serving Naperville, Elmhurst and Oak Brook, IL plastic surgeon for treatment.

What is an arm lift?

This cosmetic procedure, also referred to as brachioplasty, helps to recontour and smooth sagging skin from the underarm to the elbow.

What should I expect when I get an arm lift?

Your plastic surgeon will make marks along your arm where the incisions will be made. You will either be under IV sedation or general anesthesia for this procedure (we will discuss which form of anesthesia is best for you and your procedure beforehand).

We will then make the proper incisions and remove excess fat and skin. We will try to make incisions in less visible areas of the arm (e.g. underarms). Once we have the shape we want, we will tightly stitch up the incisions to create a smoother, shapelier arm. We may use stitches that dissolve as you heal, so talk to your plastic surgeon about whether you will need to have your stitches removed and when to come in for a post-surgical follow-up.

How long is the recovery process?

Your plastic surgeon will provide you with the proper care instructions post surgery. Many patients will take several weeks to fully heal after their arm lift. This means taking one to two weeks off of work and waiting at least 10 days before driving a car.

Is an arm lift right for me?

If you are dealing with unsightly underarm sagging or loose skin then an arm lift might be the ideal procedure for you. Those who have lost a significant amount of weight and are dealing with drooping skin could greatly benefit from an arm lift. Just remember that you will have a small scar after your procedure, so you have to decide for yourself whether having smoother, firm arms is worth it.

Of course, the only way to find out is by seeing your plastic surgeon, Dr. Saulis at Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery serving Naperville, Elmhurst and Oak Brook, IL, for a consultation. We will perform a thorough exam and discuss your treatment goals to make sure they align with what an arm lift can give you. After all, we want your cosmetic treatment to be a success!