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What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

While for many women large breasts are what they desire, for others they may lead to discomfort. Whether because of back, shoulder or neck pain, poor posture or a rash Read More

What Does Liposuction Consist of?

Diet and exercise is essential in shedding extra pounds, but sometimes, it just doesn't get rid of stubborn fat. Liposuction, a cosmetic procedure used to remove fat deposits, offers an Read More

Discover The Benefits Of A Breast Lift

As we age, our bodies no longer look as youthful as they once did. Maintaining a healthy diet, exercise regimen, and lifestyle can be helpful in slowing the aging process, Read More

Reasons To Consider Breast Augmentation

Find out how breast augmentation has improved both the bodies and self-esteem of countless women and how it might help you. Anytime someone chooses to get plastic surgery, they are taking Read More

Should I Consider Abdominoplasty?

Been thinking about getting a tummy tuck? Find out if you are the ideal candidate for treatment. A tummy tuck has given countless patients dealing with stomach fat the ability to Read More

Would Liposuction Work for Me?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that removes fat cells to improve the contours of your body. Patients frequently request liposuction to change the look of their thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen, Read More

You Can Have a Body You Love

You may never have considered plastic surgery before, but if you've adopted an appropriate diet and exercise plan to help you improve your look and still have areas that won't Read More

What Is An Arm Lift?

Find out more about this cosmetic surgery from Dr. Saulis and how it can give you shapelier arms. One of the unfortunate ramifications of getting older is dealing with sagging skin. Read More

FAQs About Abdominoplasty

  Tired of a sagging, bulging abdominal profile? Pregnancy and weight gain often leave excess flab and loose musculature above and below the belly button. If you are in good general Read More

FAQs about Breast Reduction

Some women are affected by discomfort due to oversized breasts every day. From back pain to ill-fitting clothing, complaints can vary widely. Breast reduction surgery, which removes some tissue and Read More

Preparing for My Abdominoplasty Surgery

Find out what you need to do to prepare for your upcoming cosmetic surgery. Many patients complain about that pesky belly fat that they just can’t seem to get rid of, Read More

What Are Botox and Restylane Filler Injections?

Everyone wants to have younger, healthier looking skin. Today, men and women are living longer, fuller lives and most would prefer to look just as young and vibrant as Read More

Breast Augmentation Could Change Your Life

Find out more about this cosmetic procedure and what it can do for your appearance and self-esteem. Everyone wants to feel confident and happy in their skin, but sometimes we aren’t Read More

Tummy Tuck Time: Naperville Surgeon Has The Answers For Your Stubborn Stomach

Do you have stubborn and unwanted flab in areas that make you think twice about wearing your favorite two-piece out in public? If you've got a belly and are tired Read More

FAQs About Liposuction

Find out more about getting liposuction in Naperville before you decide. Was your resolution to lose weight this year? Did you start going to the gym more often and change your Read More

The Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Get a more intimate look into how plastic surgery can improve your self-esteem. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that over 11 million cosmetic surgeries and non-surgeries were performed Read More

Viewing 33 - 48 out of 53 posts