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December 16, 2014
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Get a more intimate look into how plastic surgery can improve your self-esteem.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that over 11 million cosmetic surgeries and non-surgeries were performed in the United States in 2013. This statistic shows a 12-percent increase in cosmetic procedures last year, with liposuction beating out breast augmentation for the most popular cosmetic procedure performed. The main reason plastic surgery is so popular is because it Plastic surgeryoffers a variety of ways—from the invasive to the non-invasive—for men and women to achieve a physical appearance they will be happy with. For many, these procedures increase their self-esteem and help them to feel more comfortable in their skin. While there are still some who view plastic surgery negatively, plastic surgery in Naperville offers our patients a lot of wonderful benefits.

One recent and newsworthy example of how plastic surgery has changed someone’s life for the better is singer K. Michelle who starred in the show “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”. She was so comfortable talking about her cosmetic procedures that she even let VH1 film her experience for its reality show “My Life”.

K. Michelle states that she’s had breast augmentation, butt enhancement and liposuction. She also states that she completely comfortable with people seeing this moment in her life because she has nothing to be ashamed of. She wants to be honest and open about her experience with plastic surgery.

However, she also offers up some advice for young women who face challenges with accepting their own bodies: she says that women don’t need to change who they are to feel popular; they should just do what makes them happy.

It’s important for anyone planning to get plastic surgery in Naperville to know why he or she is opting for an aesthetic procedure. We want you to be open about your goals and reasons for why you are getting cosmetic surgery. There is nothing to hide from your Naperville cosmetic surgeon. As the American Society of Plastic Surgeons states, plastic surgery is an individual choice and should only be done for you and you alone. Ideal candidates for treatment will have realistic goals and a positive attitude going into treatment.

If you are thinking about getting cosmetic surgery in Naperville, call us today to schedule your consultation. We want you to feel happy and confident in your skin!



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