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Is Abdominoplasty Right For You?

Find out more about tummy tuck surgery and how it can give you the sculpted waistline you want. Are you frustrated that a healthy diet and regular exercise aren’t giving you Read More

The Benefits of an Abdominoplasty

Find out whether a tummy tuck is the right cosmetic option for you. Have you been considering abdominoplasty or other plastic surgery? Perhaps you were getting ready to schedule a Read More

What Exactly is Abdominoplasty?

Here’s what our patients should know about getting tummy tuck surgery. Often referred to as a “tummy tuck,” abdominoplasty is a popular surgical procedure performed by our Elmhurst, IL, plastic Read More

Abdominoplasty FAQs

If you’re considering a tummy tuck here’s what you should know about this popular cosmetic surgery. From multiple pregnancies to losing a significant amount of weight quickly, there are many Read More

What is an Abdominoplasty?

Could a tummy tuck provide you with the tighter figure you want? There are many people out there that despite a healthy diet and regular exercise aren’t seeing the results they Read More

Can Abdominoplasty Help Me?

Do you want to find out if you could be a good candidate for a tummy tuck? Do you find that despite eating healthy and hitting the gym regularly that you Read More

What You Need To Know About An Abdominoplasty

When dieting and crunches do nothing to firm up your flabby stomach, it's time to consider abdominoplasty. The procedure, commonly called a tummy tuck, not only gets rid of excess Read More

Should I Consider Abdominoplasty?

Been thinking about getting a tummy tuck? Find out if you are the ideal candidate for treatment. A tummy tuck has given countless patients dealing with stomach fat the ability to Read More

You Can Have a Body You Love

You may never have considered plastic surgery before, but if you've adopted an appropriate diet and exercise plan to help you improve your look and still have areas that won't Read More

FAQs About Abdominoplasty

  Tired of a sagging, bulging abdominal profile? Pregnancy and weight gain often leave excess flab and loose musculature above and below the belly button. If you are in good general Read More

Preparing for My Abdominoplasty Surgery

Find out what you need to do to prepare for your upcoming cosmetic surgery. Many patients complain about that pesky belly fat that they just can’t seem to get rid of, Read More

What is Abdominoplasty?

Both women and men are curious about plastic surgery to modify the look and shape of their bodies. When patients enter the office of Naperville, IL plastic surgeon Alexandrina S. Read More

Educate Yourself on Abdominoplasty in Naperville

If you have tried dieting and regular exercise, but fail to see the flat, toned core you want, Dr. Alexandrina Saulis might have the procedure for you—abdominoplasty in Naperville. Commonly Read More

Viewing 1 - 13 out of 13 posts